Research Methodology-I

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To understand the types, tools and methods of research and develop the ability to construct data gathering instruments appropriate to the research design

Unit I: 

Definition and concept of research, objectives of research, importance of research. Types of Research- Descriptive vs Analytical, Applied vs Fundamental, Quantitative vs Qualitative, Conceptual vs Empirical, Historical, Longitudinal Research.Research Approaches, Significance of Research.

Unit II: 

Research Design: Meaning, Need and Characteristics of a good research design. Identification of a Research problem. Selection of a Research problem.
Hypothesis- Purpose, Characteristics, Types and Criteria of Hypothesis.


Data gathering instruments: Observation, Interview, Questionnaires and Schedules, their construction, Technique of data collection, Scrutiny of data accuracy of measurements, testing of a questionnaire.
Scaling Techniques: Purpose of scaling techniques, Types of scales- Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio scales.

Unit IV: 

Statistics- Meaning, Importance, Limitations, Classifications and Tabulation of data, Variables- Meaning and Concept, Types of Variables. Frequency Distributions and Cumulative Frequency Distribution,
Measure of Central Tendency- Mean, Median and Mode, Geometric and Harmonic Mean their Properties, Merits and Demerits.
Measure of Dispersion- Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean Deviation and Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation.
Skewness : (their absolute and relative measures)

Unit V: 

Correlation Analysis- Definition and Concept, types and measures of studying Correlation (Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, its assumptions, properties, merits and demerits, Spearman’s Rank correlation & Con-Current Deviation Method)
Regression Analysis- Definition, Concept, Uses and Properties. Least Square Method, Regression Coefficients, Fitting of Regression lines.

Essential Readings: 

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2.    Kothari , C.R.( Second Edition), Research Methodology- Methods and Techniques, Wishwa Publication, New Delhi.


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