B.Com. (Honours) Retail Management

B.Com.(Honours) Business Studies

B.Com.(Pass Course)

Foundation Course-Entrepreneurship and Management

Elective Courses



PO-1 The curriculum planning of B.Com. (Hons.) course envisages the students demonstrating inclusive knowledge of the areas related to finance, economics, human resource management, marketing, corporate and business laws, accounting and taxation etc. The students will be made capable of using modern ways and means of dealing with issues arising in the dynamic business world.

PO-2 The teaching learning pedagogies used in the programme will   make the students capable enough to deliver and communicate information effectively. The students will be able to apply the theory and principles of effective business communication to solve real life workplace written and oral communication requirements with the different stakeholders.

PO-3 The program will instill in the students the critical thinking and problem solving approach towards various challenges and problems encountered in the internal and external business environment.

PO-4 The students will develop competencies to   analyze audit and sales reports, synthesize data from business records, trade-off between risk and returns, draw valid conclusions and support them with evidence.

PO-5 The programme will instill in the students a sense of inquiry and capability for asking relevant questions related to trade and industry and ability to recognize, define problem, analyze, interpret and draw conclusions from data.

PO-6 The curriculum also inculcates in the young minds the qualities of teamwork, cooperation and solidarity which can be seen as a vision of the current competitive business world.

PO-7 The programme will apprise the students regarding the regulatory framework and disclosure norms laid down by the SEBI, RBI, ASCI and other regulatory bodies. It will create awareness of ethical issues and avoid unethical practices such as fabrication, falsification and misrepresentation of business information.

PO-8 The programme will cultivate the students with intellectual, personal, interpersonal and social skills which are necessarily required to lead management positions.

PO-9This course broadens the horizons of the students by self paced and self-directed learning in areas of finance, accounting, marketing, human resource and international business such as raising funds in global and domestic markets, banking transactions, filing tax returns.




The Students get an enhanced theoretical and practical knowledge about the different aspects of the business perspectives that prepare them to work in the government and private organizations at executive posts.

2. Programme will prepare the students to apply knowledge to set up business enterprises and manage diversified growth of entrepreneurship.

3. The Students will take up higher learning like Masters in Business Management, Administration, Commerce, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship, Retail and Human Resource Management from Universities worldwide



1. Students will create high level retail marketing strategies for strengthening brand position and gaining customer attention.

2. Students will analyze and create operations-oriented policies, methods, and procedures useful for running big retail stores.

3 Programme will help the students to analyze frameworks and retail models to prepare research projects and improve analytical skills.