Cyber Security





Date: 17 April,2021                                                                                   Time:11:00 am onward

Platform: MS Teams

Name of Guests/Speaker: Mr. Deep Joshi & Ms. Moumita Das  

Number of Beneficiaries: 200             


The Department of Business Studies in association with Department of  CS & IT of IIS (deemed to be University) organized a seminar on “Cyber Security” hosted by Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Singh, State Head Academic Operation, ICT Academy.  Mr Deep Joshi, Cyber Security Architect from Wipro Limited and Ms. Moumita Das, Cyber Security Consultant from Palo Alto Network, briefed the students about the topic. 


In this interactive session the students were given a brief insight of the following: 

  • Introduction to Cyber Security 
  • Cyber Crimes  
  • Cyber Security Awareness 
  • How to protect ourselves from cyber crimes 


  The students were provided the short introduction on Cyber Security by Mr Kamlesh where he told us about the need of Cyber Security because cyber crimes does not have boundaries, gave us some facts about the cyber security in various fields where financing and banking are the mostly affected ones. Mr. Deep Joshi spoke about significant surge of people over internet (netizens), because of easy access and everything done on one click. He then told us about increase in cyber crimes and threats which is done by finding target’s weakness could be 3 layer system weakness or human weakness(emotions). The target/victim information could be used on dark web. Sir explained various examples of cyber crimes like web-cloning, ransomware through email, hacking security cameras, etc. He also shared some valuable tips like, do not use public wifi or share your pin, use antivirus, regular assessment of risk/vulnerability to remember while using internet. He displayed a live cyber threat map which showed number of attacks happening around the world at the moment. 

Further, Ms. Moumita Das talked about technological evolution which include Digitalization, Cloud Adoption, Globalization, Perimeter Everywhere and IoT. She then discussed about various threats like Phishing, Malware, DDoS, Man-in-the-middle, etc. leading to data loss, credential threat, cyber espionage, etc. Data privacy, Reputation of domains and Legal Laws were also discussed in reference to security awareness. 

Ma’am also gave an example related to how people get information through email. She gave us some suggestion like not to use free softwares as they have malwares, use secured website and softwares, maintain different email ids, not to share personal data over social media, etc. to protect ourselves from cyber crimes. She held a kahoot quiz as a way of interacting with students. 


Mr. Deep Joshi and Ms. Moumita Das both provided some useful information regarding the career and certifications in Cyber Security field. At the end of the webinar the query round was held in which the students got an opportunity to put forward questions to satisfy their curiosity. The overall seminar was enlightening and the students enjoyed it. The seminar ended with thank you note by expressing gratitude to Mr. Deep Joshi, Ms Moumita Das and Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Singh for taking out time from their busy schedule and making the students aware of the basics of Cyber Crime and Cyber Security.