Team Building Activity

Team building is one of the foundations of human development to improve performance of an individual.

On 15th September, 2018 we the students of Department of Business Studies, The IIS University, Jaipur had a great team building experience with our fellow team members. As a part of it, we were divided into two teams and did various activities such as aligning around goals, building effective working relationships, finding solutions to team problems and much more. Of all the organizational activities, one study found team- development to have the strongest effect for improving individual as well as organizational performance. Team building further helps in enhancing motivation and hence in reducing conflicts which also helps in setting individual purposes and goals.

The top priority for team managers is delegation. No matter how skilled you are, there's only so much that you can achieve working on your own. With a team behind you, you can achieve so much more: that's why it's so important that you delegate effectively!

Successful delegation starts with matching people and tasks, so you first need to explain what your team's role and goals are. A good way of doing this is to put together a team structure, which sets out the purpose of the team and how it will work. Not only does this help you get your team off to a great start, it can also be useful for bringing the team back on track if it's going out of track.