Extension activity :RTI



An awareness of right to information is vital for the development of society. The objective of organising the activity was to make the students of the university aware about the  right to information act which is also one of the fundamental right of citizens of India. The activity started with first session on overview of right to information act which was delivered by Dr Roopa Manglani. She also talked about obligations of public authority, provisions relating to PIO, duties of PIO, provisions for obtaining information. The second session was taken by Dr Renuka Pamecha on journey of RTI act: The role of civil society. She also discussed about provision relating to exemption from disclosure of information, commissions and their powers. The third and the last session was taken by Kamal Tank on implementation of RTI Act : Challenges and road ahead.

The activity gathered overwhelming response from the students and they were acquainted with the essential aspects of this landmark act.