Class on “How to Use LinkedIn effectively”

Invited Speaker


Mr. Alexis Grandchamp Des Raux,Intern,IESEG School of Management, Paris,France



May 25, 2021 Tuesday



10:30 am-11:30 am

Digital Platform



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Objective of the class



To acquaint B. Com. and M.Com., students with understanding of professional platform-LinkedIn, it’s importance, usage and how to build and enhance a profile.



The Faculty of Commerce & Management, IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur has organized a class on "How to Use LinkedIn Effectively" on May 25, 2021, for the students of B.Com. and M.Com Program. The guest speaker was Mr. Alexis GrandchampDesRaux. The purpose of the class was to acquaint students with the effective functioning of theprofessional platform - LinkedIn.

Mr. Alexis shared the insights through his journey as an Intern. He started the session with the LinkedIn introduction and how important LinkedIn is nowadays as it opens a new window for the professional world. He stated that LinkedIn is the largest professional network for managing one’s career with a trusted connection. He also informed through the statistics that why LinkedIn is at Top 1 recruitment and professional platform in today’s world often used by the recruiters before the interview and best tool for B2B social media markets.

The speaker also highlighted the importance and usage of LinkedIn as it is expanding and the developing professional network where one can access valuable profiles out of networks while highlighting the options of feeds available in LinkedIn. He informed about the STAR method and how to create a professional profile starting with the general information about oneself, how to find jobs, develop networks and how to enter professional experience along with the educational details.

The speaker also gave few tips to boost the profile along with the pros and cons of the professional platform LinkedIn.

The question-answer round was held to clear the doubts of the students.The session was interactive, informative and useful for the students to understand how to use the professional platform LinkedIn effectively.

Learning outcome:

The class on effective use of LinkedIn provided an opportunity for the students to learn and understand and gain a deep insight into the functioning of the platform for career. Through session, students learned about how to build a professional profile on LinkedIn and how to manage professional networks.