Class on “Ethics and Business”

Invited Speaker 


Mr. Alexis Grandchamp Des Raux, Intern, IESEG School of Management, Paris, France




June 1,2021 Tuesday



10:30 am-11:30 am

Digital Platform






Objective of the class


To acquaint,, students with understanding of Ethics  and It’s need at a Business place.


The Faculty of Commerce & Management, IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur has organized a class on "Ethics and Business" on June 1, 2021,for the students of B.Com. and M.Com., Program. The guest speaker was Mr. Alexis Grandchamp Des Raux. The purpose of the class was to acquaint students with the importance of Ethics in a Business Environment.

Mr. Alexis started the session with an introduction to Ethics and how Ethics and Morals differ in nature. Further, he acquainted students with the importance of Ethics. Students were familiarized with the word Business Ethics as the session proceeded and also how to differentiate between Individual Ethics and Business Ethics. He also shared his insights on changing scenario of Business over time in context to Ethics.

The speaker shared with the students the statistics of a Research conducted by him on the subject matter to throw a light on how Ethics was a core element in business. He also highlighted the importance of Ethics required while negotiating in a business environment. Further, the speaker explained the limitations of Ethics if conceived wrongly. Mr. Alexis concluded the session with a thought provoking statement, “Ethics considered as Business is also Ethical.”

A question-answer round was conducted to clear the doubts of the students. The session was interactive, informative and useful for the students to understand how Ethics are desirable in Business.

Learning Outcome:

The class on Ethics and Business provided an opportunity for the students to learn and understand the meaning of Ethics and how it is profitable to a business in long term. Through session, students learned about how Businesses in today’s time are leaning more towards social aspects than monetary aspects of business and how building trust has now become a social mission for companies.