Business Cross Word

A knowledge based and fun filled activity was organized on  28th,July  2018 (Saturday ) by the Department of Business Studies. The activity conducted was given name “Business Crossword”. It was a crossword activity but with a little difference.In it answer to every puzzle of crossword is a term related to field of business. The activity included terms related to marketing , human resource, economics, accounting, sales etc. The objective of the activity was to impart knowledge related to business field to the students but in a different and recreational way.During the activity for answering the puzzles, a pictorial clue was shown to the students firstbeing followed by a verbal clue. In the activity 30 students were awarded with chocolates for guessing correct answer for the puzzles asked. Around one hundred students of commercestream have participated in the activity. The event turned out to be a great success. To conclude, it can be said that the activity was successful in achieving its objective in the way it provided an opportunity to the students to learn business terminology in a fun filled manner.The activity took place in aaditya hall.