Marketing Management

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The Course aims at equipping the students with the knowledge of the marketing aspect of business and help them learn the marketing mix concepts.

Unit I: 
Unit I

  Marketing-Concept, nature, scope and importance

Marketing Mix -Concept, Importance and components Marketing environment- micro and macro environment and their impact on Marketing decisions; Market Segmentation – Concept and Importance; Basis and Factors determining the Choice of Basis; Market Targeting and positioning strategies.

Unit II: 
Unit II

Product : Concept, Definition, New Product Development, Product line policies and strategies, Product Life Cycle and Strategies, Branding, Packaging and other product features (only concepts). Price: Factors affecting price determination; Process, methods Pricing Policies and Strategies

Unit III: 
Unit III

Physical distribution: Nature, Functions, Types of distribution channel; factors affecting the choice of distribution channels, Retailing and wholesaling; meaning, nature, significance and factors affecting the choice of physical distribution

 Promotion: Advertising, personal selling, sales-promotion, publicity and public relations.

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

 Consumer Behaviour – Meaning, nature and importance,Factors influencing buyer behaviour , Buyer decision process .

Marketing Organistaion- Types and factors affecting the designing of a marketing organisation

 Marketing Control - Objectives,benefits, process and techniques.

Unit V: 
Unit V

Issues and developments in marketing :

Social, ethical and legal aspects of Marketing; Marketing of Services-Banking, Transport and Insurance; International Marketing; Green marketing; Cyber Marketing; Relationship Marketing and other developments in Marketing

 E‐Marketing : Meaning , Objectives, Importance and advantages ; e‐retailing practices, On‐line merchandising

Essential Readings: 

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