Dissertation(Synopsis Preparation)

Paper Code: 
BSG 325
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Students have to select a topic of dissertation in consultation with the respective Head of the department, and prepare a synopsis. Evaluation will be done on the basis of the synopsis submitted to the respective Head of the Department along with a PowerPoint presentation by the student.

Unit I: 
Unit I

Overview of Research, Types of Research, Research Design

Unit II: 
Unit II

Review of Literature, Online database,  Research Gap, Problem Statement

Unit III: 
Unit III

Hypothesis Formulation , Variables of the Study

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Sampling Design

Unit V: 
Unit V

Preparation of Synopsis

Essential Readings: 

1.  Business Statistics-Gupta, Goyal, Jain, Biyani, Gupta ( Ajmera Book Company)

2. Kothari, C.R.( Second Edition), Research Methodology- Methods and Techniques, Wishwa Publication, New Delhi.

3. Goon, Gupta and Das: Fundamentals of Statistics, Vol. I and II.

4. Snedecor and Cochran, Statistical Methods, Oxford and IBH Publishers

5. Shukla,M.C. and Gulshan S.S., Statistics Theory and Practice, Sultan Chand and Sons, New Delhi

6. Gupta, S.P., Statistical Methods, Sultan Chand and Sons, New Delhi.

7. Gupta, S.C. and Kapoor V.K., Fundamental of Mathematical Statistics, Sultan Chand and Sons, New Delhi


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