Advertising Management

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BSG 421
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The course aims at imparting knowledge with respect to the functional aspect of advertising and the concepts, tools and techniques of Sales Promotion.

Unit I: 
Unit I

Advertising: Meaning, objectives, Classification of advertising, Functions of advertising.
Advertising Objectives, Advertising Process.

Unit II: 
Unit II

Advertising Media:  Media Types and Media mix, Media Selection, Scheduling, Planning and Strategy  
Message: Creativity in Advertising, Concept of Copy, Copy elements, Theme and Appeal, Copy Writing and Copy Research, Message: Design and Evaluation

Unit III: 
Unit III

Economic and Social Aspects of Advertising.

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Advertising Business: Ad agency, Types, Functions, Organization and structures, functional departments, selection of an Ad Agency, Agency-client relationship, Methods of remunerations to ad agency.
Ad Agency in India.

Unit V: 
Unit V

Measuring Advertising effectiveness, DAGMAR, Various Techniques (pre test and post test)
Ethical Issues in Advertising, Legal aspects of advertising.
Trends in Indian Advertising.

Essential Readings: 

1. Chunawalla, S.A., Foundations of advertising Theory and Practice, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, 2009.

2. Kazmi, S. H. H. and Batra, Satish K., Advertising & Sales Promotion, Excel Books, New Delhi, 2008, 3rd ed.


1. Murthy, S.N. and Bhojanna, U., Advertising An IMC perspective, Excel Books, New Delhi, 2007.

2. Batra, Rajeev, Myers, John G. and Aaker, David A., Advertising management, Pearson Education, Delhi, 2006.

3. Hackley, Chris, Advertising, Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2009.

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