Startup @ E- MARKETING

On 1st August, 2019 Ms. Shubhangi Bhadauria, a student of M.Com Final year and also an entrepreneur was invited to give a presentation on her business model. She has a business which basically uses the social networking application Instagram to showcase her offering to the online outlet. Her Instagram handle is Paridhan_by_shubhangi_kanwar  and she specializes in rajputi poshak and sari’s.           

The students got to know about the various pros and cons of the E- Marketing and how it can help people with less investment to actually start a business online. She discussed her supply chain and the delivery process also. She also discussed the way she is able to manage her online business with her studies and the various  problems that she faced while doing this business. It was interesting and knowledgeable session for all the students. Students from COSD Cyber Law and B.Com & M.Com students attended the session.