Management Tambola

Management Tambola:A Report

A brain storming activity filled with fun was organized on Thursday, August 1st, 2013, by the Department of Business Studies. Around one hundred fifty students participated in the game. The game was formulated on line of the well known and played game “Housie” however with a twist. Here the students had to unfold the number hidden in a question. The questions were based on general knowledge and current affairs. It worked as an ice-breaking and bonding session for new students who interacted with old students and the faculties of the university. Questions which were put forward reiterate the importance of keeping one self abreast with the happenings around them and reminded students that they have to keep learning and renewing their knowledge and awareness. All this reformed the game of luck to a game which needed luck together with knowledge and attentiveness. Every now and then some chocolates were given to students who were able to answer the questions apart from the questions which were a part of the game. The game was extended by two more houses due to students active participation and enthusiasm. Students were envious of Ms Valerie Suzane Farmer, a fifth semester Business Studies (H) student who won 4 prizes out of the 10 stated prizes. Towards the end of the game students were elated and promised that next time they would perform better with their updated knowledge.