Customer Service & Personnel Selling in Retailing

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BSR 417
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This course aims at providing knowledge about importance of customer service in retail and role of sales personnel in retail.

Unit I: 

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Meaning, Importance of service in Retail, Steps in evolving effective customer service model in retail

Unit II: 

SERVQUAL GAPS model, Steps in reducing customer service gap, Collecting customer information and enhancing loyalty, Service recovery

Unit III: 

Customer Relationship Management: Meaning, CRM Structure, CRM Process (Customer data collection, Data analysis, Target customer identification, Development of Customer Relationship Management program, Implementation)

Unit IV: 

PERSONAL SELLING: Role of Personal Selling in Retail, Retail Selling Process, Difference between Advertisement and Personal Selling, Role of Sales Personnel in retail organization

Unit V: 

Duties and Responsibilities of Sales Personnel, Traits of Sales Personnel, Qualities of Sales Personnel – Appearance – Communication – Vocabulary – Building Rapport – Ego problems – Adequacy of Knowledge

Essential Readings: 
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