Basics of Entrepreneurship

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MMM 126
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Objective: The Course attempts to equip the students with the knowledge of the basic principles and functionalities of Entrepreneurship. The course will prove to be helpful for the students in learning to expedite the entrepreneurial & managerial functions in corporate arena.

Entrepreneurship – Definition, features, various concepts,nature, functions and significance. Entrepreneur – Concept, characteristics, types, functions, role and significance. Entrepreneur vs. Manager.

Factors affecting entrepreneurial growth, Emergence of entrepreneurial class in India, Problems in growth of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Motivation – Factors and theories.

Role of entrepreneur – in socio economic growth, in export promotion and import substitution. Entrepreneurial Leadership – Types, qualities, functions characteristics. Women Entrepreneurship - Concept, functions, growth, problems.

Entrepreneurial Development Programmes – need, importance, objectives. Role of Government in entrepreneurial development – Incentives, subsidy and assistance. Rural Entrepreneurship – meaning, need, importance, problems.

Promotion of new venture: Business plan – meaning, importance, elements, and preparation of business plan. Determinants of effective business planning.

Essential Readings: 

1. G.S.Sudha, Fundamentals of entrepreneurship, RBD, Jaipur.
2. S.S. Khanka, Entrepreneurship Development, S.Chand Publications, New Delhi.


1. Nafees A. Khan, Fundamentals of entrepreneurship, Anmol Publications, New Delhi.
2. E. Gordon & K. Natarajan, Entrepreneurship Development, Himalaya Publications.
3.Vasant Desai, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Himalaya Publications